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  • Pray for me I’m single again, cries Diamond.
  • Zuchu dropped the bombshell by announcing the break up.
  • Earlier Diamond was captured with his baby mama socialite, Zari Hassan getting cozy, Zari’s husband Shakib is alleged to have taken off.

Despite it being a hard pill to swallow, Diamond has finally received Zuchu’s break up bombshell and pleaded for prayers.

Taking to his Instagram, the Wasafi supremo shared a video making his way to unknown building dressed in rugged jeans. He stepped on Mustard Timberland boots and paired with a matching T. shirt, puff jacket and hat.

He completed the look by embellishing jewelry. The icing on the cake was his latest hit “Mapozi” a collabo with Mr. Blue and Jay Melody banging in the background.

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He was specific as he picked a few lines from the song.

“Basi bwana wadau ndio kama mlivyoskia matikiti yamedondokea…hivyo nahitaji sana maombi yenu, huruma na ukaribu wenu kipindi hiki cha ujane wangu ili walau kupata nguvu na faraja kwenye kipindi hiki kigumu” he captioned with emojis of a man deep in tears.

Diamond’s commentary soon blew up with reactions after the other. While some calmly welcomed him to singlehood, others like his close confidant, Baba Levo itched for a clue.

“Dhaaaa…Mzee Wangu tutafute namna baba yangu” shot Baba Levo.

Baba Levo’s comment has also received the most likes and replies meaning that many of Diamond and Zuchu’s fans would love them get back together.

Diamond and Zuchu during a past show PHOTO Courtesy


Diamond Provoked Zuchu With Zari

Earlier, Diamond was captured in a video getting cozy with his baby mama socialite Zari Hassan.

Zari’s husband Shakib is also alleged to have taken off from the Ugandan beauty.

However, despite all the break up news, many still believe all this is scripted. It’s a continuation of the Reality T.v Show, Young Famous and African played by  both  Diamond and Zari. This is part of their source of income.

Again, if this is true, Will Zuchu be leaving Wasafi? or has she already left!

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Let’s say she stays on the at same record label, will Wasafi still push her music like when she was dating the boss?

Suppose she walks out on Wasafi will Diamond demand for a hefty payout like witnessed with Rayvanny and Harmonize?

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February 23, 2024

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