In Summary

  • Beatrice Ajenta Charles ‘Betty’ travelled urgently to Malindi in unclear circumstances.
  • Betty gave Annah a necklace gift bearing her dead son’s name, Jason.
  • Dad appears in the scene and everything gets distorted with the next schedules worrying friends.
  • Jason Elisha Charles her 8-year-old son died around March 20th and was among the first bodies to be found during the search.
  • Exclusive WhatsApp communications to Annah and workmates. Pictures of son and her sister Chao and daughter who can’t be traced yet.

“I want to meet you in Malindi, it is very urgent” Betty wrote to her friend.

April 4th, 2023, she wrote to her friend via WhatsApp that she wanted to see her urgently. She couldn’t figure out why the urgency.

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They later met on the 9th, had lunch at an Italian hotel next to Naivas supermarket. On meeting her, she quickly gathered something was not right with her. She was not her normal self.

Betty’s intent to meet her friend
Betty sets meeting for 9th April instead

“She was not okay I even told her there’s something different about you” Annah.

Betty’s dad arrived, they had a talk and later dropped her to pick a bus back to Mombasa.

“We didn’t have time to talk about what she had called me for in Malindi because the dad later joined us… We stayed for a while then left… They dropped me at a petrol station where I took a bus back in Mombasa… She had brought me gifts!”

Best friends with Betty

Beatrice Ajenta Charles ‘Betty’ and Annah have been close friends since their childhood.

“Betty is more like a sister to me… She’s my childhood friend”

Betty always wanted to be an air hostess and at Qatar she was living her dream. Annah admits she really loved her job!

The son’s signal in the gifts

Annah tried reaching her on phone to let her know she arrived safe in Mombasa. Before she could call, she noticed in the gifts, she left her necklace bearing her son’s name.

“She never takes that necklace off no matter what it’s always on her neck… I called her back to let her know that she had left her necklace with me… Then she said I should keep it it’s mine”

Annah then promised to keep it for her till they meet again.

Betty and son Jason

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Betty and Son Jason in past photo

Betty’s 8-year-old son Jason had died around March 20th. It is believed he was among the first people found dead in the forest. Betty had left her son in the care of the parents as she had travelled to work in Doha Qatar. She loved her so much.

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Cecile learns of Jason’s death

Jason never went to school due to the parent’s belief. They told Betty to have him in Qatar if she wanted him to go to school. Betty could not afford his education in Doha as it was expensive and gave in to the parents stand.

Betty and her sister Constance Chao as elder siblings went to school, but their lastborn Michael Charles dropped out of school in class four. Michael’s whereabouts is also unclear.

Annah confronts Betty’s dad on phone and at the ferry.

On Monday 10th April Annah tried reaching Betty but in vain. She then called the dad who said Betty had left for town with the mum, leaving the phone home. She admits it was unlikely of Betty not to respond to calls, getting her worried.

On Wednesday 11th, both Betty and the dad’s phone was off but on again on Thursday answered rudely by her dad.

“Annah ngoja kidogo Betty atakupigia” Dad responding to the call.

Betty never called as was expected…

On Friday 13th, someone saw Betty’s dad heading for the ferry, alerted her and decided to confront her about Betty, Betty’s son and Michael the brother. He responded they were okay in Malindi and about Betty, he claimed she had travelled back to Doha on Tuesday. Asked why the phone was answered, the dad claimed she might have switched off the phone.

Ile Tuesday ukipiga simu nkakwambia ameenda town na mamake kumbe ndio alikua anarudi Doha. Betty alirudi Doha on Tuesday. Simu nafikiri alibeba labda imezima” The dad responded.

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In shock of the changing statements from the dad, she decided to reach out and alert Abbas. Abbas is the husband to Betty’s sister.

With the help of friends, Annah confirmed that Betty had not reported to work in Doha Qatar where she worked at the airline. It is now uncertain whether Betty is alive, dead or fasting in the massacre Shakahola forest in Malindi.

“I now know why she had left me Jason’s necklace… She was communicating to me indirectly” Cecile concludes in despair!

Abbass becomes a worried son in law.

Betty’s sister Chao and her daughter Yemi Alade : Pic courtesy Ghetto Radio Digital- Source Anna

Abbass Alade was set to meet his father in law (Betty’s dad) to help him look for his wife Constance Chao who had also left for Malindi earlier. She had left behind a worrying letter that suggested she had left for a very longtime with the daughter, Yemi Alade.

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“Hallo Abbass, I’m so sorry to have left, but may be this was our destiny. Thanks for everything you have done for us to this time while we were still together. Take care of yourself, I hope we meet again someday. I’m really emotional writing this but know I loved you with every bit of me. It is really hard for me, but I have to go…

The letter

Chao’s last letter to Abbass

It is alleged Betty’s parents joined the church a while ago and could be senior members of the church. They have followed the doctrine and some of Betty’s siblings including her son Jason dropped out of school to adhere to the practice. Fasting is such that would take away Jason’s life. The body currently lies in Malindi mortuary as the search for the mother is on.

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What do you make off the sad story; just what could have happened to Betty, Chao and Michael?

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  • John Theuri


    It’s so sad we are living in darkness..

  • Arua


    They died in that useless suicide forest in Malindi…and the Dad Betty’s is the author of all this road to hell for his family…he definitely led the daughters to their graves…Betty wanted to tell Cecil something but the dad got wind of it ,came n ensured they never talked…such a horrible man.. killing your all family because of mediocre belief …waaah who does that …
    I concured with Dr Ida on her insisting that churches were to be vetted …see the kind of ideologies that the Man Mackenzie has put in pples heads…and he wants to end his life now that he’s in cells by starving to disgusting

  • Arua


    This is modernised genocide. Inteligence is not working at all. Chiefs and the entire village administration has been sleeping in this area. NPS and DCI should send a special team to look into this matter keenly

    But again at this year and age someone is being lured to starve to death on the promise of going to heaven as the world is coming to an end. How ? I feel the pastor was using some demonic powers to control their minds

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